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Worldee – a modern day traveler’s diary

What is worldee?

It is pretty difficult to define such a big project by few words. If we had to do so, we would say that Worldee is a modern day traveler’s diary. What do we mean by that? Your profile on Worldee is a showcase of your trips. You can clearly see which countries you have visited, how many times have you been in a given country, how many trips have you done or how many pictures you have taken.

Your pictures are the main part of Worldee. Simply because people nowadays do not travel anywhere without taking any pictures. We travel with our phones in our hands and take photos of everything. But what happens to the pictures later? We post a few of them to Instagram or Facebook – to show our friends where we are right now. But then? The pictures stay in the feed, maybe pop up every year from the memory pages. Where there’s not any order or system that categorizes them. What does a modern day traveler do? It’s simple; they create a new trip at Worldee. The trips are categorized by countries. He knows exactly when he was there, with whom, and how many times. In each of the trip there are all the pictures mapped by the visited places. The trip also shows as a map, so the travelers know exactly even after some time, which route have they taken and what places they visited. The trip is as a timeline and the picture is set on the timeline just where it was taken during the trip. Simply put: we sync the pictures with their time and location.

Worldee is also perfect for a presentation of your trips. You just press the button that says “Slideshow” and easily show your trip to your friends, family or colleagues. Due to the three parameters – picture, time and place – your slideshow will make sense and the people who will be seeing it can take the trip with you as it really happened.

what is worldee

What problems are we working on?

Every aspiring project should set goals and targets they want to achieve and the problems it wants to fix by setting them


? Forgetting

Do you know many countries you have visited? How many times have you been in one country? Do you know what places in a given country you visited? When was the last time you took a trip? If you wanted to show someone all the places, how would you do it? Even if you really could remember all the information, now you don’t have to. You will now have all of these things on your worldee profile.

Záloha fotek Data storage

Are you backing your data up? You should! Amongst all of the other functions, Worldee is also a cloud storage for your pictures. Lot of people have their pictures in their phone, computer or flash drive. It is easy to lose those. But by uploading your pictures to worldee will secure them and we will make sure you’ll never lose your pictures.

Prezentace Presentation

Worldee is also a perfect tool for presenting your trips to your friends, family or friends. You simply press the button “Slideshow” and the trip starts to present itself. Your friends will know exactly what part of the trip is being shown and when and where was the picture taken. And all you have to do is sit and tell stories that are linked to your pictures.


Do you know where all your pictures are stored? Some of them, from the last few years are from your phone, older ones at your computer or external hard drive. Do you have any system in storing them? They are among many others.

Why not upload them to worldee and have them ordered by time and place? And in the countries you visited, have your pictures sorted by each trip? You’ll have everything accessible at all times.


On worldee, you can find a tremendous amount of trips from other users. From now on, you won’t have to spend long nights searching for travel inspiration. Now you can easily search for popular trips of your destination and easily get inspired.

Tomas Zapletal The founder

„My name is Tomáš and one of my many passions is traveling. I’ve discovered a long time ago that material things will not make me happy and I have to search for my happiness elsewhere.And I found it in creating memories and discovering new places – exactly what traveling is.I can honestly say that during my trips, when come to the hotel room tired as hell and think of all the beautiful things and people I met that day, I am truly happy.

But there was still something missing during my trips. A simple tool that would help me arrange my trips and make them into some kind of diary. I would store all of my pictures there. Pictures that would be connected to the exact time and place. So that I would know, one day, after many years, what places I had visited. I used to have a big map on the wall, where I could scratch off all the countries I had been to. I knew there where maps like this online too. But what to do with them, when all of the countries are ticked off? I couldn’t work with that much, I had to do something more. So in 2017 I came up with this idea to connect the map on my wall, my pictures and Google maps and start a project for any traveler to use and work with their trips.It is now November 2018 and the project is live, we have launched worldee – a modern day traveler’s diary. I hope you will enjoy worldee and also you will enjoy filling in your map and your trips just as much as I do. “

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